August 19th, 2010

Spiritual Practice

I need one. Or possibly several; I don't understand the subject well enough yet to know how it divides.

I've got five projects to do, and a list of clean-up work I need to finish up. Today I need to fix a thermostat, get some gardening done, and play a game; if I get spare time in there I have an outlet to finish wiring and some painting to do. What I don't have is a practice to get me centered on my own desires and remind me of my motivations for carrying them out.

Most of what I've seen *called* spiritual practices are empty rituals, largely devoid of meaning even, or perhaps especially, for the people who practice them. Ritual is OK, but only if it achieves the purpose of grounding and centering. I'm not into using tools for the purpose of admiring the beauty of the tool, I want it to *do* something.