December 10th, 2010

Much catching-up to do

Hey, all --

I've been spending a lot of time out on DW-and-LJ-less-Eric's farm, helping him get a zip-bridge up across the river, and there's no internet out there yet, so keeping in touch has been a bit of a problem. When I start paying rent the internet gets ordered, and Wednesday I head off to New Jersey to visit Gabe and Zack, so it shortly becomes a moot issue, but that's largely why I haven't been updating.

My more immediate issue is that the Seasonal Cough has returned, and I still don't know why, and since I don't have medical coverage I'm not about to find *out* why. I do know that it has happened before, that it eventually goes away, and that chugging a lot of guaifenisen helps. Current speculation is that I may have a mold allergy, and Oregon does get a lot of mold in the winter. Spending 3 weeks in NJ provides opportunity to test the theory; yay, scientific method!

So, I now have an *excuse* for indulging my usual insomnia; okay, I'm awake, but if I lie down I'll start coughing. Obviously, another half-hour of internet while I wait for the cough syrup to take effect.

So how are y'all, and does anyone in NJ, NY, or environs want to spend some time together between Wednesday and mid-January?