April 16th, 2011

Still here, for some value of "here."

So I'm sitting in Sacred Grounds, in San Pedro, finally with connectivity. For minutes, even. A couple of local difficulties; one is that it's about 85F in here and there's no air conditioning. At least there are fans moving the hot dry air around, and as many cold drinks as I care to pay for to rehydrate after exposure to all the hot dry air. Outside is typical Southern California; lovely if you're in the shade and potentially deadly if you're not. Other distraction is a genial local loonie who correctly decided I was an easy conversational mark. I can't grasp his delusion-set well enough to describe it; he seems to be speaking in English sentences but I'm not pulling meaning out of them.

News is reporting that the country of Liechtenstein is for rent at $70K a night. Hmm; anyone up for a reenactment of The Mouse That Roared? Shows how long it's been since I had to deal with having TV in the room; my "ignore it" reflex has relaxed.

Kibbutz website is comically incomplete, but at least *live*; www.bentonkibbutz.org. Questions and commentary most welcome, either here or there. I have a lot more to say, but bus service here is very limited and I don't have a bike down here, so I've got to hit the road and get back. More as soon as I can.