June 28th, 2011

Centering around and after Gabe's graduation

It's my last day with Gabe on this trip; I'll be hanging out by myself 'til he gets back from school around 1pm. We then get to hang out 'til it's time to head on over to the school at around 5:45pm.

Highland Park NJ has a lot of houses of similar concept to this; it was originally a single suburban three-bedroom house, but has been cut into two apartments, one 2.5 bedroom upstairs and a one-bedroom downstairs. This doesn't leave an extremely useable layout, but as an absentee-parented high-school student it's fine for Gabe's needs. Gabe hasn't taken "having company over" into account in tracking his needs, however.

More on the "weirdness I can't much help" front; Zack updated the operating system on my computer, and we just spent 3 hours debugging that. He's about trainee-level-3 tech support at this point; pity he hasn't figured out how to get paid for more than level one. But I'm back online and can use my machine; all good. More shortly.