July 30th, 2011

Seattle Gestapo-ware

I'm in a Seattle's Best coffee-shop five blocks from King Street Station, waiting in the comfier chair for my 5pm train. I need to *not* let the super-sophisticated Gestapo-ware on the coffeehouse wifi freak me out to the point that I can't write; I need to do a total re-do on the sermon I'm delivering tomorrow morning. But I can't access any of my IM clients, or even Dreamwidth, and it took some careful niggling even to get to Google Maps.

Are there still people out there? My cell's still five-four-one triple-seven two zeros two nines, for anyone who wants to call or text.

Whee! Contact restored

So I spent the afternoon in a Seattle's Best coffee shop in downtown Seattle, that had the most irritating gestapo-ware I've yet run across. Trying to access any IM client, or even post *here* would get me redirected to an Orwellian-named "Open Access Site" that would give me long, detailed explanations of why I couldn't possibly do that.

And now I'm on Amtrak, where they might not get me where I'm going on time, but the Wifi is a simple open pipe. I'll take it.

And I've got five hours to write my Reason and Reverence sermon, and explain how I got started writing a Joy and Logic talk and how it mutated. And dinner happens in there somewhere.