August 1st, 2011

Planning my August

Okay, I'm back. Now what?

Had the Date That Didn't Happen And It Was Just As Well. Made some new friends, should write to 'em today and say “Thanks for the good time, let's make sure we do it again.” Spent time with my parents, one of my kids, and a cousin and an aunt; learned some things about passing identity through time, which I should write up and publish. And delivered a sermon that was up to the standards of the audience, but pitifully below my own; I should both rewrite it again from scratch and find a better audience. And then I lead a work-crew and got 140 boards stained.

So it's now 8:30am, and I've got four hours before Tom wakes up and monopolizes the connectivity bandwidth. Time for a Monthly Meeting; what do I want to get done, and how should I structure my month to make it happen?

To start with, exactly what I'm doing. I hope someone does read this and actually respond, but the act of writing it is my first, and I hope to become primary, reward. I will *also* get the feel-good of being able to come back later and consult it if I get lost, but I'm finding the *act of writing itself* to be rewarding, and this is good.

The most important thing to me is building myself a new country, but that's not a goal that admits of immediate action. Closest I can come is continuing to work on the Kibbutz, and at least creating a smaller-scale social entity in whose interests I can work.

And I've just had Lesson Number One in the disadvantages of multi-tasking; I checked my email in mid-composition and got a report that someone at the Bike Co-Op had taken my powered-bike kit apart and scattered the pieces, and then spent three hours being very angry about that. I *also* took the constructive action required, and sent a letter saying “Don't do that and please fix what you've done,” but that only took five minutes, not the 3.5 hour vent that followed, it now being 12:30pm.

The bike co-op and the powered bike both figure into my plans, but I need to stay, or if not then get, organize about them. “Them” being the plans, more than either the bike co-op or the powered bike.

So, back to “Plans, overall,” and then to break that down into “What can I accomplish towards these goals in August?”

So my Plan Overall is to come up with a new Human Systems Archtitecture to support a Liberal Civilization. The Kibbutz is my testbed sandbox, and the UUA and Jewish communities are my first major networking opportunities for spreading it. The 2012 UUA General Assembly is in Phoenix in June, and I plan to finish the Bike House Trailer and the Powered Bike and bike there, using the trip as a publicity program for the Kibbutz and the Bike Co-Op working in cooperation.

In the meantime, I have to eat. And I'm applying for disability, on the grounds of my 49% cardiac function. So the first thing they want to see is my birth certificate. Well, I'd like to see it too, and for that to occur I've got to find it. So that goes on my To Do list.

And the boys are up and the bandwidth is about to disappear. So I'll finish this up in a subsequent post, but at least you got the start of it.