September 30th, 2011

The First Shabbos Dinner of the new year

Okay, what are we going to have?

Challah, of course. Improvise from frozen bread dough if the real thing isn't available, which (goyishe town) it probably isn't. Same deal with wine; kosher probably unavailable, do as best as I can.
Roasting a chicken is sort of traditional, probably around here Freddy's is the best I can get.
A big, busy salad, with the brilliant orange mini-tomatos from the back yard. (Other salad ingredients: Reed-leaf lettuce, Romaine lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, celery, beets (if available), red cabbage, bell peppers, olives, garbanzos, something onionish (red onion or scallion, probably), and avocados and artichoke hearts if available.
Barley in chicken stock with sauteed mushrooms, of multiple varieties if available.
Some veggie dish dependent on what looks good at which market.
Whatever pre-prepared dessert looks best. I don't have the time or attention to make from scratch. Strudel if I can find it; there may be vanishingly few Jews in town, but a lot of Hungarians.

Next, a discussion of what to celebrate. *After* the first market trip. And before that, lunch.