October 31st, 2011

Diving back into the trenches

I've been farting around on the net for about an hour now; I need to get showered, dressed, and out the door by about 5:30am to get to the train station on time. Then I have an hour and a half to do Something Else, before I arrive in Portland and get back to the Occupation. What am I going to do when I get there?

http://elenbarathi.livejournal.com/ has been very helpful in identifying my issues with The Sociologists, but said issues aren't fully worked out yet in my own mind. I have a point; Elen has a point, I don't believe the two points are in conflict but I've neither reconciled them with each other yet or worked out the application to the situation of The Sociologists. And I've got a 9am meeting scheduled with the Solutions Committee to address the more basic underlying issue of "How do we maintain a sustainable camp?"

This is assuming there's still a camp to maintain; I've been gone two nights, and that's a *long* time for a protest camp. I *think* my tent and stuff will still be there, but it'll be good to be back and find out for sure.

After the Solutions Committee meeting, I need to figure out how to post meeting minutes to the Occupy Portland website. Then go talk with KBOO. And then help make lunch, and then plan ingredients and procedures for chicken soup for dinner -- folks are getting coldish out, and a good dose of Jewish Penicillin would be useful, for everybody but the vegetarians and vegans, at any rate. Need to make sure *somebody's* coming up with something for them, too.

Oh, and I need to contact Kate Lore, and find out what-if-anything she's doing with us. And Sylvia, if she's in camp.