December 31st, 2011

I've started blogging the trip I haven't started yet.

I'll still be writing here, but I'm now also blogging my Occupation: Occupation tour, at . I've already got two entries up, which makes it a very good discipline exercise for me. I can take that time between getting up at 2 or 3 am and calling Zack for Morning Meeting to do my writing. Now to make sure I can get my afternoon nap, and I'll be good on sleep.

Regretfully, discipline is not universal, which in part explains why it's pushing noon and I'm still sitting around in my bathrobe. I could be showered, dressed, and down at the bike co-op fixing the wheel I twisted yesterday when my tire went flat. (Okay, the *bicycle's* tire went flat. Happy, pedants?) I'm also making boxed mac and cheese for lunch, which is not good nutritional discipline.

My image for how it will go on the road is that I'll wake up in my tent, pull out my Android phone and my keyboard, and do my blog post for the day. Then I'll call Zack, discuss with him both my previous day and his, and our individual plans for what to do with the next one. Then I get dressed, put away my bedding, and make savory cereal for breakfast and lunch, eat the breakfast half, and take my morning meds. Then out of the tent, exercise a bit, and then go meet people and do things. Then make a nice dinner, find people to share it with and do so, take my evening meds and go to bed.

Of course, first I have to get *on* the road. The immediate thing in my way is getting all my Stuff out of the way. I've gotten my trailer all *unpacked*, and covered with a tarp to keep the leaks at bay, but now I have to pack everything back *into* it, and the stuff keeps triggering bad memories. I think I'm mostly past that, and can get on to being frustrated at the geometrical exercise of trying to pack a bunch of irregularly-shaped objects into a regularly-shaped space.

Emotional issues will continue to come up, because the Stoic tradition I grew up in dismissed such issues rather than dealing with them, and that leaves them to fester. The Geek tradition I grew into later says "if you find a problem, fix it NOW," and so I don't have many *recent* problems biting my ass. But the old ones, trapped under a number of onion-layers of personality, do bubble up to the surface every now and then and have to get dealt with. Having people to interact with and a real purpose to pursue in so doing will go a long way to replacing sitting around playing FreeCiv; I can be *doing* things about the problems instead of generating more need to run *away* from them.

Most immediately, I have to get in the concrete habit of getting my preparatory work finished early. I need to create the contacts I need in the places I'm going so I have someone to meet and someplace to go when I get there.

So, off to go do.