January 19th, 2013


I've been pursuing a rental housing co-op fairly nonstop for a couple of weeks. I can't do that. I need to balance working on that with working on GeekCiv, the Ficton Factory, Job-hunting, my own physical care, and an as-yet unnamed and unstructured aesthetic concern. I find I need a label for that last, so I'll call it soul-feeding. Inaccurate, but it'll do for the moment.

Some of the interdependencies are obvious, others, not. To sort out the obvious ones, Geek Civ supports both job-hunting and the Ficton Factory, while also being a distraction from the first and being mutually supported by the second. Having a job supports renting houses. Physical care supports everything, while also becoming a resource-sink if I pay *too* much attention to it, and the same with soul-feeding.