January 25th, 2013

*Creak* Start a morning *anyway*

I begin to suspect last night's malaise was as a result of me doing far too much of the talking during yesterday's interview; doing a three-hour standup routine for an audience of one is emotionally taxing. But it does result in action to be taken; first item on my agenda for today is send out an email to Tabby and Sam outlining the steps I want us to take to form our collective household. Second is to take my share of those steps.

That might actually read "second" and "third" steps, as first is "get myself functioning." But I see that as the function of the Morning Routine, which precedes the work-actions of the day, and of which writing this entry is an optional part of the process. As are coffee, breakfast, a shower, and a change of clothes. Getting out of the house and getting some exercise might be a part of that as well, but I suspect this morning I'll take advantage of *not* having an office-job to go to and make that my mid-morning break, instead.

After that, come up with similar action plans and take the corresponding actions for both GeekCiv and my job hunt. That's probably already *more* than a day, but I'm going to truncate that for fixing the ripped cargo bin on my bike and going shopping for Shabbos dinner. And making it.


Adjust expectations. Or, adjust reality to fit.

Only got three things done today, but they were the ones that counted. My nascent Portland household has its first full meeting Monday at 11am, followed by some combination of starting the Household Co-Op bank account and going house-shopping. And I did foodshopping and made a Shabbos dinner.

Tomorrow I buy my bus ticket for Monday, get a haircut, and call my folks to ask for a check and a letter of income verification. And I should get copies of my credit reports, also.

Now if I could take all the time I spend playing idiot games and turn it back into similar productivity I could *really* get things moving. Who's got the magic wand?