February 16th, 2013

Torque-induced Precession

I've long had an issue with my ways of making progress; I have a strong tendency to end up moving forwards by tacking -- sailing a quarter into the wind, so to speak, and then turning and sailing into the *other* quarter of the wind. This is not what I'm *trying* to do, mind; I'm *trying* to go straight into the wind.

Which may be the problem; as anyone who's been near a sailboat or even thought hard about the subject knows, you can't do that. Doesn't work. It may be that I've trained the set of lower-priority agents that I know collectively as my hindbrain to automatically go off on tangents *on purpose*, keeping the actual goal in mind, so to speak, but assuming a priori that the quickest way to get there is anywhere but straight at it.

Reaching out to people takes effort. I know I have friends who would happily lend me an ear or a shoulder for the asking, and cannot explain why asking should be so much work. I can't think of a reason why it should be; I simply observe that it is.