March 8th, 2013

Finish the rack, already

Yesterday was productive-if-frustrating; spent the morning getting a new tarp on my cargo trailer. And also helping Eileen clear blackberry bushes, which hadn't been on my own agenda but was why *she* was going out to where my trailer is stored, and so I joined in the activity. If it *had* been on my agenda, I'd have worn boots and brought gloves.

I did go through several redesigns on the panniers for my new cargo bike; I now want the tubs to be *removable*, so I can still put the bike on a bus bike rack. Last cargo bike used kitty-litter-bucket panniers, which are narrow enough (barely) to fit on the bus; these are about 16"x24", which means the whole equipped bike is almost exactly one meter wide. That won't fit on a bus. New design will use a wood frame and thinwall-steel conduit hoops, and the hoops will come off with thirty seconds' use of a slothead screwdriver.

Today I need to take all that wonderful design work and turn it into a functional product. And then use it to gather ingredients for shabbos dinner, and make said dinner. And work on the GeekCiv ReadMe. Zack didn't answer his phone for morning meeting and hasn't called back yet, so I'll interrupt for that call if/when/as it happens. Other than that, time to get busy. Maybe starting with this browser; I'm using Firefox on Ubuntu, and the window has somehow gotten moved so the tabs, menus, and check-boxes are all off the top of the screen -- and to move them, I'm supposed to click on the now-offscreen top bar. Got any clues?