March 16th, 2013

Sometimes half done is *good*.

I had three items on my to-do list today, have so far gotten 1.5 of 'em done, and consider that a sufficiently good day that I'm thinking of going to bed early.

The big thing was getting all the woodwork done for the new bike cargo bin holders; the hose-clamps I'd used previously had just ripped through the plastic of the first set of bins, destroying them, so I came up with an eventual plan to use a wooden spine to hole a pair of loops made of bent electrical conduit to hold a new set of identical bins, thus supporting them evenly all the way around the rim instead of at two stress-points. The spine and mounting hardware is now complete and installed on the bike; all that remains to do is bend two pieces of conduit, stick 'em in the mounting holes, and pin 'em in place. (The pins will be removable, so that the pipes are *also* removable. The *bins* just lift out.)

The one I got complete was getting a haircut. Trivial, but trivialities also need to be taken care of. And I have a lot of knitting-the-future-together to do, but I think that sleep is going to happen first.