April 4th, 2013

Good but exhausting day. Now for my next trick...

Got some more ads answered, then left to go to the library just to be someplace different to answer some more. Discovered my bike had a flat and my repair kit is still in Corvallis, and walked there. Then walked to the Alberta Guild Hall (www.communitysupportedeverything.org ), met some nice people, contributed some hot sauce and jalapenos to the Free Grilled Sandwich Stand, and stayed for a class on "The Commons, the Public Domain, and the Sacred". Was good, and Alex Baravitch, whom I'd been trying to get in touch with for days, showed up only fifteen minutes late for the class. We went downtown together afterwards to meet another friend of his, Robert, and schmoozed most companionably until we all had to run for varying buses. Alex and I have a tentative date to tour the city together Tuesday.

Tomorrow, I want to get that flat fixed and get the cargo bins on the bike. And answer any fresh ads that have cropped up. I can also start loading my stuff from the basement back *into* the trailer, if there's time for that.

Noon update: No flat. Now have pump, so if all the air mysteriously decides to leave the tire again I can just pump it back up. Now also have patch kit and spare tube, and bus pass, so I'm covered no matter what happens.