April 23rd, 2013

Found the Universe; misplaced myself.

Been trying to post for a couple of weeks now, and each time more Life comes along and interferes. So I'll start from today and work backwards:

Looking for a new room has been exciting and stressful; I'm running into rampant ageism and sexism, and can't do anything to change my age, my sex, or the opinions of the people I'm dealing with, and the irony of "I'm liberal and progressive but you're an older man so I don't want you in my house" gets boring fast. I've got a good backup place lined up, and will be looking at *just* one more hopefully noonish today before I go with my backup.

Met with Cindy this morning[Saturday]; she wants to do an intentional collective household fairly precisely to the model I want, and has a couple more friends who might also want in. If so, great, and writing a letter to her detailing that implementation is one of the two things on my "next" list. The other is writing to Brian, who's been posting quite responsibly on the Free Cascadia FB page, and so both deserves some congratulations and encouragement for so doing, and might be recruitable to some of my own plans.

Just took off from this and wrote the letter to Brian [friday]; didn't do as good a job as I might have wished, but it should do to get the conversation started. Main thing was introducing the metaphor of biological for social bodies, which I think is a necessary tool.

Started the following back around Wednesday or so; will leave it in for context and move on from there:

So yesterday I got the bins on my bike; still want to make 'em quick-release so I can pop it on a bus bike-rack, but I can ride and I can carry cargo, so I can make a decent case for not needing the bus anyway. And I've got Podio to investigate, and a use-case to use to test it. Nonetheless, I'm feeling rootless and disconnected at the moment.

And *poof!* Now it's Sunday, and I'm in Corvallis for a doc appointment tomorrow, and it's just me and Callie the Wonderdog here -- Laura's off at Gregor's, and the boys are with their father. The 'rootless' feeling is somewhat assuaged, but I'm still dealing with 'disconnected'.