May 23rd, 2014

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So I've written my first Cascadia snippet (posted it here; if you're not on that filter and want to be, ping me), started the laundry, shopped for dinner and started prep work, and now I've misplaced my brain.

Good start on the story. I've just hit a trap, and I need to get past it: It's be real easy to stop the scene I just wrote, and jump-shift to another scene. It's also *wrong*. What this story wants to do is be in real-time. The conversation between Alma and Bryce needs to continue, and then be abruptly cut off, and then we follow Alma as she contemplates it and goes through the rest of her day.

They're both physics geeks, and so figuring out the process by which they're communicating would be very exciting for them. It would also be boring as fuck for *my* audience, which is why I have to come up with what else they're talking about that distracts them from spending *all* their time geeking about physics. In writing the story, I will *also* have to spend some time geeking about physics, my audience likes a bit of that too -- but as seasoning. It's not the *core* of the story.

There's a hint of romantic interest there, on both sides -- which can't go anywhere, because they're not in the same universe, nor are they going to be. (The interuniversal communication is by transmitted vibration, i.e., sound. No matter is getting across.)

Or can it?