May 24th, 2014

Shabbos. How?

Okay, I'm trying to take my Day of Rest. How do I do that?

I'm sorry that it's not a frivolous question. I am intending to take Shabbos, and to recharge and center myself, and I find that *I don't know how to do this.*

My mind immediately goes to the story I got started on yesterday, and wants to extend it. Good work, but *work*. Not rest.

Is rest necessary to centering? Is centering necessary to rest? Are these in fact central to the idea of taking Shabbos, or am I davening up the wrong tree?

I'm not deistic in any traditional sense, but I do respect the wisdom of my ancestors even if I don't necessarily believe in their self-awareness when generating that wisdom. I suspect there is wisdom behind the concept of shabbos that doesn't necessarily have any ties to the generations of rationalizations that followed the introduction of the concept, and I would like to ferret that out. Got any help or suggestions to offer?