November 30th, 2014

On self-care

An excellent post on work-habits: .

Her post doesn't take the concept of *psychological* self-care into account, which is entirely reasonable, as that isn't what she's writing about. But it seems to me that many of the 'special snowflake' behaviors she mentions are as a result of inefficient self-care practices. We-as-humans may be insisting on weird conditions before we do anything productive because we don't have good procedures for *knowing* if we've taken care of ourselves, and these behaviors are external things we can *observe* to prove to ourselves we have taken care of ourselves.

I/O balance, confluent motives, and why they're causing me issues with what I'm trying to get done

The problem of confluent motives is conversational: If I'm talking with you, and I have a motive-of-self-interest *and* a motive-of-altruism in wanting you to do something or wanting to do something for you, how do *you* tell whether I'm doing it because it's good for me, or because it's good for you? The real answer is "both", but how can *you* know that?

By I/O balance I'm talking about how much one reads/listens/watches vs. how much one talks, types, or acts. I have too much to say and it keeps getting backed up inside me, which causes problems. Not paying *enough* attention to the Outside World causes other, different problems; one then ends up creating solutions to the wrong problems.

I have a set of things I want to accomplish related to WesterCon 69. Lists are easy, so have one:

*Increase attendence from WC 67 levels (782) back up to WC 36 levels (3500+, plus over 1K uncounted-and-ignored gate-crashers).
*Recreate the 'big tent' feel of silver-age fandom by creating WC 69 as 'PolyCon', i.e., inviting all the subgenres in as concurrent conventions so as to *prove* we-as-"mainstream" fandom *do* take them seriously. ("Real" as opposed to "fake" caring by not only allowing them management roles in what is being done, but also providing adequate resources under their command to enable them to succeed in those roles.)
*Create SolarCon as a concurrent convention to Westercon.
*Assist SolarPunk as a genre into fuller being.
*Create and fund a scholarship program that will a.) boost WC attendance, b.) allow SolarPunk fans to attend, and c.) establish my own career as an independent fund-raiser.
*Create aforementioned career for myself.

All of these motives are concurrent; they all exist at once. They are also *mostly* synergistic, in that they are mutually reinforcing and do not require to conflict with each other. But there are people who have major problems with the idea because I personally would benefit from it. I need to be able to identify and address their issues.