December 22nd, 2014

That trick *never* works...

So I didn't get the permanent gig at CAT, I found out today. I'm still working there through February, but no guarantees of anything at all after that.

That kinda sucks, but I can tell from whom they *did* hire what their issue is: They hired a tiny, timid black woman who might or might not be old enough to have graduated from college yet. I'd be rather surprised if either racism or sexism was actually an issue; more to the point is that I only do timid when I'm very, *very* tired. I surmise someone in the organization requires not to be challenged, and would find my presence a challenge even if I'm not trying to do anything challenging. *shrug* Okay, they get to make that call. Now what am *I* going to do about it?

I'm going to concentrate on WesterCon, starting very early tomorrow. Not tonight only because I'm nearly tired enough to be timid. I believe I can be up to speed on it by time for the Chinese Food Appreciation Day movie at noon Wednesday, and sustain it while I plan how to get a job equal to or better than the CAT Administrator job before my temp job there runs out. My financial goal is to create a stable enough employment record and sufficiently repair my credit record to the point that I can buy a house after the 'con is cleaned up in 2016.

For now, bed.