January 8th, 2016

Writing Backwards

So I need to write a letter to the Director of an organization of which I'm on the Board. Theoretically, this relationship means I'm her boss; this is not in fact the case.

The problem I want to address is that the 'Old Guard' of the organization has never behaved with intention towards the mission of the organization. They've been *pursuing* the mission, but by happy accident rather than by reasoned intent.

The problem with this is that it means their *continued* pursuit of our mission is equally non-deliberate, and that they are only capable of short-term planning. The organization as it currently exists is incapable of strategy.

I'm sure the Director would agree with the above assessment. However, they are (Director prefers plural pronouns, which I am trying to learn to use; I feel like I'm talking about a schizophrenic, and need to get out of that) no more engaged in intentional thought than the Old Guard is, and are working on winning a political power-battle without admitting to themselves that battling is what's going on.

If in this environment I describe what I see, I become the 'outside threat' the Director can use to forge a pretend-alliance with the Old Guard. I get thrown off the Board, and the Director can then forge a captive Board that will be of no threat to them while they eviscerate the Old Guard.

The net result of this will be the demise of the organization. The Director doesn't care, since the organization won't finish dying 'til after they've left; the old guard *cares*, but not enough to flee Lotus-land and actually pay attention to the real world.

Ideally what I want to be doing here is forging alliances with all parties. Their lack of intention makes this very personally difficult for me. I'm sure they don't *intend* treachery, but by the same lack of volition would commit such without hesitation because without contemplation. The "Oops, you're dead, sorry about that" school of back-stabbing.

At the moment, the best course of action seems to be "show up and shut up." I don't *like* this, and am searching for better options. Any ideas?