January 18th, 2016

Live #33, Yahoo mail out.

There's a toolbar in the Yahoo web-browser, that contains the buttons for 'compose', 'delete message', and so on. It's not working. When a message is selected, usually it won't display -- rarely it will, but if there's a pattern I can't figure it out. If the message *does* display, that same non-working toolbar is where the 'reply' and 'reply all' buttons are. So I can read a *few* messages, and can't send anything. Including complaints or requests for help, and the 'help' button in the upper right of the page also doesn't work. Refreshing the page, rebooting the browser, and rebooting the whole machine have no effect on the problem.

Presumably Yahoo has physical offices somewhere, into which I could walk to find the head of customer service and explain to them my problem in whatever level of detail is necessary to get them to do something about it. But I don't know where that door is.

I *do* have my own domain, and another mail account there, so I'm not cut off. But there are some things I *really* don't want to use that account for. Frustrating.

This past weekend was NewCon. I got a couple of contacts, and did some video shooting, but realized I don't have the story written that I'm trying to shoot, and the 'training' I got at PCM was about 90% "here is where the buttons are on the camera and this is what happens when you poke them." I think I *can* produce the documentary I want, but I'll have to do my own planning, first.

I looked at a promising house today. Paul and Anna have two young daughters, and Paul is co-owner of Breitenbush Hot Springs. He seems all right, if a tad "business-territorial", but I could get along with him easily. Anna is more open, which is promising, and they don't put on much couple-front. The house is unimpressive but adequate, and has a big back yard.

After talking with Anna and Paul, I did the FNB pickup, and was so bushed that I zoned out on James's couch when I did the drop-off (he's home for MLK day). So to spare James, I went home and took the rest of my nap there, from which I am now up, and feeling fat and out of sorts and desirous of exercise. Fortunately, I have the brochure for the local Amtgard group, and may go thwok on them with boffers.

Tomorrow night Russell brings over 5 of his friends to discuss starting the Microhouse Manufactory. I'm planning a feast for them, in part because I enjoy doing feasts, and in part because I want them feeling full, happy, and at ease when I'm talking with them. Winco is open 24/7, so I can do that shopping run as late as I like; Hong Phat closes at 9pm. So I'd better get that list together.