February 20th, 2016

Live #38, home-hunting

So the landlady is selling the house and all 3 of us need to move. I'm not going to find anything this cheap, but it'd be difficult to not find something nicer.

I'm finding it very difficult to focus on anything other than househunting 'til this is over. There are a lot more house-shares on the market than there had been; I think this is because times have gotten tight enough that people who have been keeping hobby rooms or guest rooms have decided they'd rather have more money than more space. That's mostly good, but when I see one where the owner is setting themselves up as a mini-slumlord it's pretty depressing.

Jobs with Justice could really use my attention, the revolt against the sitting executive director is gathering steam. I'd like to get the housing thing resolved so I have some attention to give it.

Blues festival will need attention pronto as of Tuesday, I will make time for that. Need to find gifts for the boys, also. Other than that, the game's afoot.