April 4th, 2016

Mostly done

Yesterday was a comedy of errors with a mostly-positive result.

I got out of the house at 6:45am so as to avoid the toxic housemate, and spent a pleasant hour in a coffeeshop before my breakfast appointment. Said appointment stood me up, so I had a nice breakfast by myself, and then went home to get started moving stuff.

I'd made arrangements with 3 friends to come help me move the big stuff. Eric showed up on time, Liam picked up Sketch, and James never showed. Liam's friend Jane showed up with her truck, took a look at the trailer, threw a hissy-fit, and drove off, leaving us without a tow vehicle. So Liam and Sketch went to Uhaul and rented a pickup truck, and Liam had a brain-fart and left his borrowed minivan at Uhaul instead of having Sketch drive it home, which was the whole reason Sketch had gone along with him in the first place.

We got the first load to the storage area, unloaded it, packed it in, and picked up the minivan on the way home, so Liam could take Sketch home with it. (I had estimated to Sketch the day before that it'd be a half-hour job, and between having to get the rental tow-vehicle and being one big-guy short, it ended up being about 4 hours.) Then Eric left, Nora showed up, and we got about an 80% second load packed, drove it over to the storage area, and started unloading. Got about half done, and Nora left. Ten minutes later, it started raining, heavily, and I gave up and went home. In my exhausted state, I forgot to lock up, and when I got home, I decided to put off unhitching the trailer 'til morning, rather than try it in the dark and in the rain.

This morning, I got the trailer unhitched, put gas in the Uhaul truck, returned it, retrieved the hitch and adapter I'd had to buy at premium prices, walked back to the storage area and locked it up (net loss: One LED lantern), and walked home again.

Positive result: I've got about 90% of my stuff moved.

Shortly, a nap.