April 8th, 2016

Live #39, Living with Sketch

Okay, I'm in my new-temporary place, and Sketch is my new housemate. I'm going to have to have a conversation with him, which I believe he'll be very uncomfortable with.

Integrity is a really hard thing, and I don't reasonably expect any random person to have very much of it. My observation of people who are immersed in mainstream culture is that they feel the need to present as if they have 100% integrity 100% of the time, something I've never observed a human to be capable of doing, and they respond to an intimation that they are anything less than fully in integrity as if to a lethal assault.

Sketch has more integrity than many people, which still ain't much, but is good anyway. He's also been living in his own house for 22 years, is quite set in his ways in it, and doesn't want the existence of another person in the house to Change Anything. And, of course, there's no way for me to be here and *not* change things.

So, A Talk will occur. I suspect the end result will be I stay here for a couple of months and then move on; I'd like to arrange it so that this results in me and Sketch staying good friends afterwards. I don't mind that he's set in the ways of living in his house; I just can't live there more than a few months without being able to have conversation with him along the lines of "Okay, you've got issues here, here, here, and here; where is there room for *me*?" Pretending there are no issues is not in my repertoire.

Live #40: Integrating fanatics with casual workers

Okay, with a locally stable living situation, it's time to get some real work done.

Falkvinge's 'Swarmwise' is a great start in learning how to manage a venture with variable commitment levels. As Rick himself states, he doesn't go far enough; there are so many different directions his work can be expanded it's silly. The direction I want to go with it is in setting up a functional and stable organization that lets people show up, start working, and feel they are being adequately and fairly treated. Impossible to make everyone happy all the time, of course; there are some people whose life purpose is finding things to be unhappy with. I'm not pitching to them.

The old association between 'work' and 'income' doesn't work any more, to start with. I've talked elsenet and will again about the need for the Basic Guaranteed Income; that's a part of what I'm working at here but only a small part. I'm starting with Solarpunk, which is a fandom. Buncha fanatics, in other words, based around issues of style and culture. Since the core value system there is based on ecological activism and social justice, there's a lot of work that *can* result, but no specific work is *required*.

Some people will want to do pro-quality work, and we want to encourage that. People who want to do a bit of quick shoddy amateur work we want to encourage also -- admittedly, in the direction of doing better work, but even so, that they show up on their own and do any work of any kind is to be lauded.

Damn. Gotta go get stuff with which to make dinner. More on this later.