April 28th, 2016

Live (#42, was second #41): D, Radical Economics, and Reviews

So I've got 3 things to write today. Two are to hostile audiences and the third is hard. I'm looking for a friendly voice to calibrate off of, first.

D is the director of Jobs with Justice, and has beeen working to submarine the organization since they came on. And as a Board member, I have to write a performance review of them.

As part of their tactics to sue the organization if we try to fire them, D spent two grand of our money on a 'facilitated discussion' about a Code of Conduct. (The nominal excuse was to solve a problem we hadn't had before their arrival.) The facilitators are asking for a review of *their* work, which, frankly, sucked.

And I'd *started* trying to write an economic model for an Arcology metaculture. It has to interact with exploitative models, because that's what the rest of the world is using. This is akin to trying to learn to play poker against someone who promises to cheat.

Maybe I should go find a puppy to borrow.