May 16th, 2016

Live #44: BreakFree, Primaries, Conventions and Board Wars: Getting back in the saddle

I'm not sure I can write all that. But it's what I've got that needs writing.

It's 8:23am, I've had two cups of coffee, and I can't go do the FNB run 'til after 9am. So I'll sit here and type for 40 minutes and see what comes out.

I attended the BreakFree action in Anacortes, WA over the weekend, and have half a dozen or so contacts to confirm. And I got my new laptop running in time for the trip, but the only use I made of it was to kill time while waiting for my ride home by playing FreeCiv on it. (Most immediate irritation: The keyboard is hypersensitive, and I need to find the setting to adjust to stop that.
Edit: Did. Now to find out if it worked.)

*Something* is happening in the Radical/Progressive political communities. I think it's a good something, but I'm not entirely clear on what it is, yet. Effective structure is developing that gets things done without stomping all over people, and I can't find either who's doing it or how it's happening. The *people* still screw up at standard rates, but there are more other people who come along afterwards and clean up the mess and try to create a work-around for whatever it was that was *supposed* to have happened. Me, for example; after the confused cluster-fuck that was Saturday breakfast, I showed up and helped get breakfast underway on Sunday.

Kayaktivism is becoming a Big Thing, and it would be good to deal with the problem of protesting fossil-fuel use in a polypropylene kayak by setting up local manufacture of wooden ones. I've got a pretty good idea of how to go about that; anyone in Portland want to work with me on it?

I've already voted in the primary election that ends in Oregon tomorrow; vote-by-mail is a great idea. I expect Bernie to win here, but I don't hold out a lot of hope for the Federal elective process in general. Somebody will win, and even if it *is* Bernie things will be bad, and if he doesn't, it'll be worse. Clinton will try to do the job, but her idea of what the job *is* is incongruent with that of the country as a whole, and with the *good* of the country as defined as anything but "my buddies at Goldman Sachs". Trump is a wild-card; he *wants* to be awful, but might actually be so awful that his own nominal party refuses to cooperate with him. I'd rather not find out, tho'.

And Bernie has spent his entire career as a gadfly. This doesn't *prohibit* him from suddenly becoming a Leader, but so far I see nothing to suggest that he understands the difference or has any plans or interest in making the transition. If he spends four years lecturing Congress on what doing their job would look like if they actually did it, I have no clue if he'd be able to get re-elected. I don't know that re-election would be important, tho', if enough of the populace got energized enough by the realistic noises coming out of the White House to do some serious leaning on their Congresscritters. And that might happen.

The convention I reference is WesterCon69, for which I have to get my ass in gear and do some unconventional publicity; I've been slacking on that. Finding a new place to live (again) is going to put a kink in that, but rather than bitching about the number of things that need me to do them I need to get busy *doing* them. I know what to do; now to go do it.

Enough review. Go do.
The Board Wars are Jobs with Justice; the Oust The Director meeting will occur next month. This month's meeting is tonight; and I haven't done my homework for next month yet. Calling Fernando to review that is on my agenda for today; I need to get in touch with Ibrahim also.