May 25th, 2016

Live #46, Improvement

Okay, I have my trailer relocated and I have a new-to-me bike, which has new-to-it fenders, lock, reflectors, and it'll get a seat-anti-theft-cable in the morning when the hardware store opens. Edit: Done. end edit

And one of the houses I'm looking at might become a real thing. Owner doesn't know what he wants, and has been scaring off potential renters for a month with his constant mercurial changes. I'm sending him a series of friendly, polite, and consistent letters; if he can engage in an ongoing polite dialog, I can teach him how to do business. If not, I'm not stopping looking in the interim.

Still need to get to work on health care and food. Got Liam really excited about turning the Household into a fiscally viable project. About time to start getting ready for trip to LA on Tuesday.