July 21st, 2016

I am now a reactionary. Or at least my immune system is.

I itch.

No, that's not enough. *All* of me itches. At once.

Well, not quite. Only where I have skin. I do not, at least, itch on my insides.

Cause is a bad reaction to a medication. Allopurinol can prevent gout, which would be a good thing if it didn't also create itchies.

And it creates astonishing sensitivity to UV light, so I can't go outside during daylight 'til it's out of my system. I know this because I did, and am now also bright-red everywhere that wasn't covered by at least two layers of fabric. (net exposure time: About ten minutes.) Rarely have I been so happy to have been wearing underwear.

This is trivial, and will pass in a few days. They're going to be damned annoying days, tho'. I have a program to plan, and can proceed with so doing even through itchies, provided I get to bitch about 'em. So thank you for your service in reading me doing so, and I'll get back to more productive typing.