August 30th, 2016

Live #49 Sometimes it doesn't work

I bitterly despise whining. The closer it is to me the less I like it, so my own whining is worst of all. This can make it hard for me to talk out problems, lest it sound to me like I'm trying to manipulate my audience for sympathy.

I am discovering that I actually *need* sympathy, but this doesn't mean I like having that need. This post is working out a problem; I may post re: sympathy later. Or possibly not.

Yesterday I got two things done. I consider six an acceptable minimum; as it is, I mailed a package to Zack and paid the rent. That's it for the day. I *have* a to-do-list for yesterday; it has ten incomplete items on it. Today's already has eight items of its own; combined with the carry-forward from yesterday, that's three days work. It is not reasonable of me to expect to *accomplish* three days' work in one day. 1.5, maybe. So I need to sort that out and punt half of it to Wednesday.

I am really bugged by this. I don't know why I spent about ten hours being a useless bump, and I want to make sure it doesn't recur. Might muse on it further in the comments; at the moment, any thoughts or suggestions would be useful.