September 20th, 2016

Live #52 Friends or Baptists?

One more try, starting offline so I have the option of saving it if it fucks up again like it did the first time.

Housemate Liam and I went to visit a group this past Sunday who advertised themselves as Quakers, but when we got in the door behaved like Baptists. So we grabbed a newsletter and left.

The newsletter proclaimed a Tuesday Brunch at Denny's, and we passed Denny's on the way home. So this morning I went to Denny's, ordered a breakfast (Liam slept in), and waited for Quakers. Or Baptists, as case may be. My conjecture is that they're a bunch of relatively decent people who decided their fellow Baptists were too reactionary and anti-human for them, but wanted to keep their comfortable and familiar rituals, and so changed the name on the door to Quaker and didn't change much else. While I don't want to sit through their services, I'm fine with that – for that matter, I don't like sitting through Jewish services either. Good people who like their old familiar rituals are still good people, and I have a number of things to do that I suspect they'd be happy to act as hosts for. Start a local Food Not Bombs and Lending Tool Library, for example. And a Friday evening Jewish event – they already host a Hebrew school, or at least so says the above-mentioned newsletter.

As it was, nobody showed up at the Denny's, and a talk with the waitress resulted in the information that there were *two* Denny's's within a mile of each other, one on 82nd Avenue, where I was, and the other on 82nd *Drive*, which turned out to be where the Quakers were. Baptists. Whatever. I visited their church again on my way from one to the other, and the receptionist told me the brunch was already over, apologized profusely for the confusion and invited me to attend their after-services potluck this coming Sunday. I plan on emailing their pastor, first (the existence of a pastor being another Baptist-not-Quaker thingie), and then showing up with a plate-full of deviled eggs, as that seems precisely in line with the Midwestern aesthetic I'm observing.

In the meantime, I need to write about why not to behave like a single-celled organism, along with why generic-you might be so doing without being aware of it. Keyboard, ho!