September 21st, 2016

Live #53, Other People's Navels

I still haven't gotten out my letter to the Baptist Quaker pastor, and now have another one to get out to a leading Portland slumlord. At least on the second one I still have research on him I need to be doing. The pastor, no excuse.

I'm not sure I want to end up *working* for the slumlord, but housing *is* one of the issues, and he *really* needs a competent property manager. And I could use some money. Well, there's no decision to be made unless/until he makes an offer. I really should get the OpenCiv presentation ready for prime-time to hit him with, though.

The navel of the title belongs to Evan, who is having a bout of depression. I went over to visit him last Friday, and again on Monday, and completely failed at engaging him. He agreed with me that he was waiting for the universe to impose on him, and that I was an aspect of the universe and so imposing, and still refused to engage. It took me most of the rest of the day to stop feeling *his* depression. I did succeed, but that was a lot of emotional work I really didn't want to have to be doing.

Two letters to write and a bunch of research to do, I need to get busy. Jesse, call as you can.