September 28th, 2016

Live #54, Dinner with friends -- you, in absentia.

I'm stuck on my thighs -- specifically, my laptop cooking them. This should be a trivial distraction, and I just move to the kitchen table where it won't be an issue. (*does so*)

Okay, *one* distraction out of the way. Now to get dinner out of the way; I've had an urging for a few days to try an omelette with lox, Jarlsberg, scallion, mango, and dill. I have all the ingredients, tho' the dill is dried rather than fresh, which is suboptimal. *shrug* I can appreciate the omelette even so. (I'd postponed making it over the last couple of days because I'd been in 'feeding' rather than 'dining' mode. No sense in making a production over food I'll barely taste anyway.)

This is seriously good; I wish y'all were here to share. I note about my reactions as I'm eating it that it takes direct effort to stifle my engineer-brain-as-applied-to-cooking, which is busy saying "The dill should be fresh", "adding ginger was a good idea, but we have *fresh* ginger, what's the bit with that powdered stuff?", and "Pinot grigio was a good choice, but it should be colder," and instead concentrating on "This is really, really good."

Lox is gently salty, scallions have just enough bite to balance it, melted J'berg has more flavor than cream cheese, mango is pleasantly sweet, and the dill and ginger set it off wonderfully. And 'The Naked Grape' P-G is damn good for the $4 I paid for it. (My wine-appreciation ability tops out at about $12 a bottle; right now I could do justice to a nice $12 wine. This is substantially better than the price tag would indicate.)

Dinner is complete, and now housemate Liam is home, and has turned on the TV. Usual buffoon-level news coverage, but I'm good at ignoring that.

What I need to be doing through all these distractions is producing a book. I need an outline, but I don't have one yet, so the next step is lay down a whole bunch of words until that structure starts to make itself evident -- then sort the previously written content into the emerging structure and keep going.

The book is about metaculture, and needs to the term, explain why it's necessary, and explain in detail how to set one up, and how one *as an individual* interacts with them -- since if they work the way I think they do, they come in flocks, or possibly battalions.

I'm having trouble with my sanity-checking; I have no immediate feedback in writing this, and I am far too aware of how easy it is for me to depart company with the consensus reality entirely. I need to do that here anyway, and rely on my internal balance mechanisms to guide me back to it when I'm done.

The prospect scares the living daylights out of me. I need to set that aside and just *do* it, and keep up my old Wall Street work habits at the same time. Being surrounded by lazy pretend-revolutionaries and pretending-I'm-not-retired elderly, that's hard too.

And I'm having more distractions with the oversensitive keyboard. *ignores keyboard* Okay, another one out of the way.

And I've successfully distracted myself out of getting any actual work done, because I forgot how low my alcohol tolerance is, and I've had a glass and a half of the Naked Grape. So I'll go amuse myself for an hour or so and come back to this and see if I can write something actually *on topic*.