October 8th, 2016

What if...

Okay, it's a ridiculous long-shot. But, given the immediate flap over Trump's recorded mysogyny, and its effect on his campaign, what if he were to be ousted as the Rethug nominee, and the Rethugs asked Sanders to be their candidate?

It'd be the first time in my life I voted for a Republican, for one thing.

Trump can't have any reason to quit at this point; he will have to be forcibly removed. Since his own ego has always been his sole reason for running, his only possible motivation to quit is if someone offers him the throne as emperor instead of as president.

Ordinarily, we'd dismiss this out of hand; neither political party has the operational machinery in place to remove their own candidate. But parties aren't part of the official government; they're actually corporations, and thus can do whatever their Boards of Directors tell them to. So it's not *impossible* for the Board of the Republican Party to meet, decide that their candidate selection process is irreparably flawed, and revoke the party nomination from Mr. Trump. And if they get that far, who they offer their nomination *to* is entirely at their option. And Bernie's an independent, not a Democrat, and could be argued to be in the mold of the earlier Roosevelt, who was a Republican.

No one who has ever been a Republican could actually win the election at this point. Bernie could, and easily. And the Republicans have been more and more about winning, with less and less consideration as to what it is they *are* winning. So...