October 17th, 2016

Starting in on 'greed'.

Self interest is not only good, but necessary. I am the part of the universe best suited to caring for my universe's Joel, because I have the best sources of information about the state of the Joel.

Greed is what happens when self-interest gets exaggerated out of scale to its actual importance. There are any number of tactics for dealing with it and keeping it from getting out of hand, but as I understand the word it is defined as meaning self-interest out of proportion to actual importance of self.

Right now, the default mainstream culture is way out of alignment in the direction of greed. This needs to be corrected -- and over-correction and out of control oscillation are the curses of positive feedback loops. We need to correct it, but not *over*-correct it.

If there has ever been a perfectly accurate such correction I for one have not heard of it. It seems to me the best we can hope for is an 'almost-correction', that cancels out the very large majority of the problem without quite eliminating it entirely. In contrast to an over-correction, no matter how slight, it would not of necessity trigger an oscillation. (It is still *likely* to trigger one, but it's *possible* it wouldn't.)

More on this shortly.