October 18th, 2016

Live #56, Passing Gloom

Had a non-yesterday, pretty much; got up, did the planning, and then turned into a grey lump for the whole day. Bleh. Did get my login to HCAO's eTapestry system about 5pm, so for today I'm just recycling yesterday's to-do list, substituting "study eTapestry" for "go to Food not Bombs." Feel good about it. I don't *think* this is related to listening to housemate Jeph's very vocal girlfriend yesterday evening, but it was amusing.

ADDENDUM: It *is* being a better day, and I'm glorying in it being so even if 'better' has a long way to go before it gets to 'good'. Working on the bike, I've discovered that the $10 cordless drill I picked up may be fine for the original task of drilling sheetrock that I'd bought it for, but it's no good at drilling steel. I have my old-fashioned corded drill back now, which would do the job fine -- if I had a bit and extension cord for it. So, off to Home Despot I go.