October 20th, 2016

Live#57, Being Helpful

Aargh. Just wrote a page of entry on LJ, and my oversensitive keyboard caused the webpage to go back from the entry page to the home page, and when I hit 'page forward' to get back to where I'd been my page of entry had been lost.

So now I'll do it offline, where I can hit 'save' at whim. The problem is prescience: I know exactly how things are going to go in this new project I'm undertaking, at least for the next two to three weeks, but I have to drudge through the homework *anyway*, so I can say to the people I'm dealing with that I have indeed done so, and haven't missed any tricks or easter eggs in it. There might be one or two tricks; there won't be any easter eggs because the coders weren't being paid to put them there and they didn't have the luxury of wasting time doing so. And it's so tempting to go to the boss and say “This is how it's going to play out; can we skip three weeks and just move to Plan B?” But the boss isn't going to want to listen to that until *after* I've done the homework. So I go do the homework. Classical dues-paying. Also frustrating.

And earlier today a friend was giving me advice of the “it will make me feel better to give you advice, so here's some I wasn't using” variety. Biting his head off will not make him correct his ways, nor will it make me feel better longer than about 30 seconds. Indeed, after the immediate rush is over, I'll feel worse for hurting him for such a small return. (In my own ethical code, hurting someone is OK only if my gain is greater than their cost and I have a way of “emotionally reimbursing” them for their cost. [classic example: consensual kink relationship. The aforementioned friend and I have not negotiated such a relationship, and I'm not going to negotiate one now because neither of us is gay enough to enjoy it.])

Okay, enough venting, back to watching pointless YouTube training videos.