October 24th, 2016

Plot bunny

So a young black man decides to commit suicide by cop. Why? His mom and his girlfriend just died and he feels responsible. How did they die? Shot by cops in a misplaced drug raid. Why does he feel responsible? He had just openly contacted a major drug dealer and thinks this was the reason for the raid.

He's wrong. But that's not the story, that's the *resolution* of the story.

Now to fill in how he a.) survives, and b.) forgives himself.

Live #58: Write first, *then* read!

Okay, it's about 10pm, and I'm wiped. It's a good wiped, tho'; got my blood tests done, got some writing done, got to FnB, and got to the SEUplift grant-writing training class. Tomorrow, drop off ballots and validate library card, shop for shoes, take bike to Bike Farm or buy tools and fix it at home, buy shoes, and go to SURJ 'Cohort' training. EDITED TO ADD:Also go to FreeGeek, get OS updated.END AMENDMENT

First, read. Then, sleep. Then, all that other stuff.