October 25th, 2016

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So yesterday writing/composing felt great, and I got a good segment done. It also seemed to go *slowly*; it took me about four hours to crank out 1200 words, a bit under half of what I'd consider a good rate.

While that's something for me to keep in mind, it belongs in the *back* of my mind, not at the front of my attention. More important is that what I wrote *fits*, it *is* part of the story I'm *trying* to write, even if the character Thomas wasn't somebody I knew about when I started writing.

Fenny was Thomas's girlfriend, Prissy is his sister. The sibs have a strong family loyalty to each other, but don't have much of a *relationship* with each other simply due to being such radically different people that they don't have much interest in each other. But this is exploring what some characters *aren't* doing, which is an endless black hole. What *are* they doing?

Elf wrote a piece that includes some important bits I need to respond to, but that isn't part of *me* *creating*, which is what I need to stick with at the moment. It's here: http://elfs.livejournal.com/1618531.html so I don't lose track of it.

So my first bit of action is Thomas trying to shoot Benjy. Benjy's a bit character, interesting to a degree because he's a good cop, but it's time for me to put him and Thomas both aside and focus on somebody else. For that matter, Thomas started as a bit character also, but now he isn't anymore. Prissy *started* as a main character, but going with her next would seem to imply that her relationship with her brother is important. I hadn't thought it was; maybe I'm wrong. They *love* each other, but don't like each other much or really care each about what the other is doing.

No, that's not where the story needs to go next. Need to bring in a character very different from Thomas.