October 26th, 2016

Live #59, Avoiding Distraction

Okay, I've gotten my first constructive thing done for today: I booked my trip down to LA to visit Dad, and scheduled it to center around Mom's yahrtzeit. That's November 14, so I'll be down there 11/10 to 11/17. Anybody in LA want to come over for dinner, holler.

Next I have 3 different followups to do, and I'm having one useful and one useless distraction that I need to dispose of. The useless one is the frustration of the Asgardia group trying to use Facebook groups as their chat-fora; Facebook is terrible at that. If Asgardia doesn't come up with a different discussion medium, I may need to resign my citizenship there.

The useful distraction is plotting the next scene in this thing I'm writing. The viewpoint character is a girl who's Almost Seven Years Old, whose family moved here from Chile a couple of years ago. They don't know where Papa is or what he's doing at the moment. Our as-yet-unnamed POV character is the Big Sister, Little Sister is four, and Brother is not quite one yet. Mama is, as one would imagine, tired a lot. Mama is also very proud of the hammer Bedrhi gifted her; she is the Condor of the House of the Eagle and the Condor, and the hammer-holster has a not badly done leather-painting of a Condor on it.

Bedrhi is the homesteading manager; Anita finds him amusing because he *looks* old, but isn't. (Okay, she's named Anita for the moment. Not sure I'll stick with that, but I needed a name.) (Anita takes after my own characteristic of being kinesthetic-dominant; Bedrhi *walks* like a young man, and that's the first thing she sees. Okay, he's a *fat* young man, but what Anita sees is power.) Bedrhi's a safe person to be around, but he has several households to supervise and she doesn't get to see him as much as she'd like.

Okay, I've got the story idea. Anita goes to visit her idol, a young flautist who lives across town. She leaves notice for Mama with Little Sister, having given LS a tiny hourglass she'd found and instructions to go tell Mama as soon as the sand runs out. She doesn't have a phone, but considers them to be ubiquitous and is annoyed at her lack. She *did* look up the map on the household computer, and knows what street she's looking for even if she doesn't have a house number. I'm not sure yet how the adventure plays out; we'll get to that.

So, end of Useful Distraction. And I find I have need of being physically active, so working on the bike will come before doing email followups. Away!