October 31st, 2016

Live #61, Carnival act

I feel today as if I am a carnival act. I have a formal dining table for twelve, fully set, with extra dessert forks, wine glasses, flower vases, every last little detail, balanced carefully on my head. And I'm about to step off on a rope with it.

Each individual part of the trick I've done before. Walking on a 4" hawser is easy; it's less slippery than a spar of the same diameter and nearly as wide as a normal foot. The fully set table weighs about a hundred and a half; getting that kind of weight up on one's head in the first place is a bit of a struggle, but once it's up there it's mostly a matter of keeping it balanced. Both at once would take a lot of both attention and energy.

I've got my four program elements to keep going: Service, Solarpunk, LibOrgs (what I've decided to call the HCAO/Climate Jobs/Etc. axis of my activities), and CRH. I need to come up with ways to ensure that there is sufficient reward in this for me *personally* in ways that do not include fundamental conflicts with the aims of the respective organizations.

I think I want to create a 'Brownie Corps' among Solarpunks. Like the Brownies of European mythology, we sneak around fixing things and making things nice for people.