November 1st, 2016

Live #62, Getting ready early

So as I begin writing, it's 3:30am, and I've been up for an hour. I've got an alarm set for 6am, to call Zack and help start *his* day. Sunrise isn't 'til about 7:25am. I want to make the decision to start my own day when I help Zack start his. I *also* want to start the day with exercise, though I also want to start my exercise in daylight; one of those will need to shift.

This will be my sole 'live' entry for today, as I'm deciding that one per day is my limit on 'live' entries. I'll add to it during the day. Right now I'm going to try for a bit more sleep.

5:30am, been up since 5. Have decided to bike to Winco after I'm done with Zack, to buy some epsom salts and a basin in which to soak my foot. This will also get me some mild aerobic exercise, and I am developing a determination to get less mild about such exercise. I may only have half a heart left, but dammit, it can *work*.

8am, back from Winco and have had breakfast and soaked my foot and changed the bandage. Angry at doctor; he only did about 20% of the job. So I get all the pain and discomfort I'd get with a full job, with nearly none of the benefits.

10:40am. Have successfully scheduled to get the toe-surgery redone, on 11/18. Also schmoozing on some of the Asgardia lists about doing a turkey-day celebration, or alternatively a brunch. And I need to get back on my own work, first doing the eTapestry search for Karen and emailing her the result, and then putting in four hours of creative writing and seeing if I can generate 5K words in so doing. And then I need something else concrete to pull me out of the creative work, and I had that right here a minute ago...