November 15th, 2016

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Whoo, it's been a week. I'm in LA, helping Dad get ready to sell the house. We've checked out the Assisted Living place he has in mind; as people-warehouses go, it's about as nice as they get. It's directly across the street from the beach, all but one of the rooms we looked at had an ocean view, and all residents get full use of the 'penthouse', which means the whole top floor of the building, which also has a 180-degree ocean panorama. I'm not sure why being able to look at the ocean is a need for Murray (as best I can tell, he doesn't look at it here, where the whole front of the house is dedicated to windows looking out at Catalina), but it is.

I'm amused that there are both people screaming for the abolition of the electoral college (which has happened around every presidential election back to Reagan) and people planning to use it to see if they can get their electors to elect Hillary regardless of whom they're 'committed' to. (Yes, they can do that, yes, it's legal, no, the electors won't.)

Yeah, it'll be bad. Certainly worse than either Bush. But there are possible positives; if The Hairpiece decides that America is *him*, he might actually try to make it a decent place to be. The level of corruption will be through the roof, but we knew *that* was coming.

I've been pretty active in the Asgardia movement, and I have a need to write founding documents for it. Intending to start this morning; now to see if I can follow through on that. Had much heavy talk with Murray yesterday morning, about how "fake it 'til you make it" can be a coping mechanism for dealing with extreme loss.