November 26th, 2016


Well, I’m awake, rested, and ready to be productive. Of course, it’s only 4am, but my need to adjust to the schedules of Other People is, at the moment, zero.

I’ve got three things on my agenda: Writing the Asgardia ficton, writing to Zack, and finding how to enter a field into a query in eTapestry.

Asgardia deals with 8 characters, and how they create their own personal support-structures in the social environment of a space habitat. Only one of those structures will be a ‘traditional’ pair-bond. Another will be a male triad. A solo and a female couple are the others.

Zack hasn’t been taking adequate care of himself, but that’s a talk he can’t listen to right now. So I can tell him two stories about mistakes *I’ve* made, one about perfectionism and the other about scaling. He will *not* then figure out how these apply to his own immediate situation, but several such experiences down the line I’ll be able to point back to this and show him how I did the trick. I *think* he’s still young enough for this to be useful.

Now to deal with my *own* scaling issues. I don’t think I’m getting all 3 of those completed today. But I also don’t need to be tightass rigid about planning; if I spend the day working productively on those 3 and get any one of ‘em *finished*, I done good.

I do need to keep track of my ‘back burner’. Getting back up and running and salvaging my email from there is the biggest current item. Dealing with my flirt in Torrance is another. CRH is a third.

So off to be useful and productive.