December 9th, 2016

Live #65, Space Habitat

So I met with Barrett Wednesday, and Steve and Julie on Thursday, and I need to come up with a plan for taking action on CRH with Barrett, and I need to write up a plan for building a space habitat as part of what I'm taking on for GEARCon this coming July.

I got started with the writing yesterday afternoon, and got far too breezy about it. A bit informal is fine, but I was all over the map. Need to rein that in. Don't need to throw out what I did and start over, but that might be best given how much I'd have to chop and re-order things. I want to get that finished today, and also hang the ornamental metal fish on my walls, purge my T-shirts, and make a nice shabbos dinner. I'm going to need more sleep first, also. Cleaning out the fridge would be a good idea also, but the above's sounding like a full-enough day without that, and it could wait 'til Sunday. We'll see.

Live #66, self-care

I'm just done brushing my teeth; failure to brush teeth is one of my depressive 'tells'. Had a slump in the early afternoon today, caused by irregular sleep patterns the night before; I was up from 2-5am writing,and got some good writing done -- published a habitat proposal to the Asgardia Engineering list. Did get a good shabbos dinner done, but didn't get the ornamental metal fish up on the wall again. Tomorrow for them, then. T-shirt purge, also.

It's important that I start getting regular exercise both of abdominal muscles and cardiovascular system. To that end, I'll do calisthenics tomorrow morning at 7am, and try to turn that into a steady daily habit.

I also have a social center I want to visit; might bike to that later in the day.