December 13th, 2016

Live #68, No More Superpowers

Unposted leftover from Sunday:

So I didn't get anything written about Asgardian culture today. Phooey. I did get the kitchen cleaned, the fish hung, and the morning routine dealt with, and made a lovely dinner that Barrett then stood us up for, so we enjoyed the food without him.

Monday, Barrett *did* show up, as rescheduled, and things went very well. I think he's actually willing to work with me on CRH, and I could really use that.

And it's now Tuesday, and I've discovered I need a balaclava. I don't have the cold resistance I used to, and leaving the back of my neck exposed while biking got me chilled. I don't *like* not having my old, or perhaps I should say youthful, invincibilities. But I don't, so I'll go spend the $5 as soon as I can find one.

And there's an IMIRJ event to go to that we need to leave at 5pm for, so I've only got two more hours to get something useful done in. Going out *had* been one of the items on my agenda, but I want to get *something* done besides self-maintenance.

Today's list as it currently stands:

DONE Morning routine including exercise and getting-out-of-house
DONE IM with Zack re: updating phone
Find a way to contact BLU and ask *them* about updating it, as Zack ran out of Useful Clues
Email Barrett about writing his boss to give him a raise
Write Vicky about presenting CRH to Rahab
DONE Locate and price carpet steamers, email Jeph with data ($29 at Home Despot)
Do Solarpunk webscan
clean out fridge
Read Ashurbeyali’s address; write and publish response
Write ‘culture’ paper for Asgardia
Purge t-shirts
Reconfigure sleep-mask

I think it obvious at this point that most of these things are going to become Wednesday's list.