December 16th, 2016

Live #69, minimal report

Slept a lot again yesterday; feeling better and going to have a real day today. Most things being closed due to the weather, I'm going to write about Asgardian culture, and what I would like it to be. And also exercise, albeit indoors.

Live #70, getting some steam up

So today I got two letters to Barrett written and sent, and the Asgardian culture paper written and published, and was prepped and ready to go out to two events that were both canceled at the last minute because not all the ice has melted yet. And did some exercise. And emailed Steve, who hasn't responded yet. And I'm still sitting around with excess energy wondering what else I could be doing.

The next thing I should write for Asgardia is a paper on economics. I'm not feeling it yet, though; still working on the culture thing. I have to make the point that a metaculture is an ecosystem, and cultures themselves are life forms.

Tomorrow I can tackle both of those, and also there's an event at 12:30pm at the SEIU building on Foster that I can get to. Still haven't inventoried the T-shirts or cleaned out the fridge; both would be good to get to.