December 18th, 2016

Live #71, Weekly in 13 minutes

Lost my post to the browser gremlins, so moving offline. Down to 12 minutes from the loss.

Last week not so good. On the plus side, this is because I caught it in time and killed off the Winter Cold in two days. On the negative, that meant two days sleeping, and hence *doing* nothing. But that’s over with, it’s done snowing, and I can now go get stuff done.

Mundane shit first: Going to attend FnB tomorrow, and try to recruit a woman to CRH to present at Rahab for us. Will steam-clean the carpets on Tuesday, so I can do floor calisthenics without getting a nose-full of ancient crap. Going back to the “Meals are green leafies” trope. Have a napa cabbage in the fridge to start with, as of lunchtime. Been doing better on exercise and will continue that. And teethbreesh.

Goals for the week: Do FnB on Monday; try to recruit woman for CRH to present to Rahab. Create CRH contacts with PDUBSU, NARA, and Rahab. Rework Asgardia Culture piece and publish it and Trump screed to Portland Solidarity. Renew grant pursuit with SE Uplift and Milwaukie Center for Tool Library. And do Solarpunk web-crawl later this morning and every Sunday morning ongoing.

4 minutes left. Dayenu. Go do.