December 23rd, 2016

Live #74, learning to regroup on the fly

So it’s 1:30pm, and I’ve just lost two big paragraphs to the browser demons. Reconstructed offline and copying:

I got my 3 letters written and sent before breakfast this morning, and got out the door at 8am to get some shopping done – gifts and dinner ingredients. I seem to do a full vegetarian meal, and then add a roast in the middle of it. Right now the roast is ready to go in the oven, the shrooms and bell peppers are washed, chopped, and ready, and the eggplant, onion, zukes, napa cabbage, and basil are lined up and waiting. There’s also garlic, ginger, and Viet curry-paste for flavor. And Liam has bought some black rice to go with. Does anyone have any creative inspirations for that? I *could* just boil & serve, but that seems so dull for such a nice rice.

I’m back in touch with Colby, and will try using email conversation with him to recalibrate myself on the fly. Maybe after the zukes.