December 26th, 2016

Live #75, not over-doing it

Went out to Food Not Bombs today, and spread word about my Community Reinvigoration Homesteading project, hoping to get a female recruit to do the presentation to Rahab Sisters, which they've scheduled for January 17th. I *could* do it myself, but they're a rather male-suspicious group, and if I can have a female presenter that would be much better. It would *also* mean having a recruit, which would be good in and of itself.

OTOH, that was pushing it, and I'm glad I left early and came home. Tomorrow morning I need to call Gabe, which should become a regular Tuesday morning thing, and also Jamie of Portland Alliance, which is having a meeting Wednesday at 6:30pm but has neglected to say *where* in their announcements. If it's at the same place it was last time, I'm going to loan them my microwave when I bring in some food. (Housemate Jeph had one in place when we moved in, so mine has been taking up space in the top of my closet.) And Liam would like to go see Rogue One, which would be a quiet and peaceful way to get out of the house. I think that's about all I'm up for tomorrow. Colds are a pain in the ass; I don't feel like I'm really *sick*, but if I don't act like it then I *will* be.

So the two things on my plate to write ASAP are an identity paper for the Portland Alliance and a half-hour presentation of CRH. The latter, if possible, by Wednesday night; the former by the end of the week. Deadlines are fun.